Create your Prototype

Create your Prototype

A. Go to the Project Area and click on “NEW PROJECT” and the following window will appear:

Select your device type (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop) and its orientation (Portrait/Landscape) that corresponds to the prototype you want to create and fill the form with your desired project name.

You have now created a project that will look something like this:


B. The following window will appear on your screen:

Select to create of import a prototype (details to how import and use a prototype from InVision or Marvel are here and here). After the selection, the following window will appear (for this guide we selected “Create your prototype on Useberry“).

Once you’ve entered the experiment title, you will be moved to the prototype area.


C. It’s now time to start building your prototype. Click on the newly created prototype. The following screen will appear and this is the area that you can upload all your mockups for your prototype:

Once you’ve uploaded all your mockups, you will have something like this:


D.  Click on your desired screen to add hotspots, link them with a screen, add actions and transitions just like the following video:


E. Once you’ve finished your prototype, it’s time to create the missions for the testers. In “Projects” home page click on “ADD NEW MISSION” and fill your desired mission’s name:

After filling the name and clicking the “SAVE” button, the project will look like this:

Note that you can add as many missions you want to test. Also, at the same time, you can create as many experiments you want.


F. Now, you have to set the path testers should take to complete the mission like the following video:


G. Once you have added your missions and created your experiment, the home page of your current project will be shown as follows: