Send User Tests to Get Results

Send User Tests to Get Results

In order to send a user test for testing to your desired target groups of users, go to a project’s home page.

A. Click “CREATE A NEW USER TEST” and the following screen will appear:

Fill your desired name for the user test and click on “CREATE USER TEST” button. 

B. Start preparing your user test.

As first step (Step 1) you have to select one or more experiments you have created on previous procedure. For this tutorial, we have created a single experiment (named “EXPERIMENT 1”). Select one or more from the select box.

The following screen shows how testing home page looks like:

C. After selecting the desired experiment, you will proceed to the next step (Step 2). Here, you have to select the missions that are associated:

D. The next step will appear after selecting one or more missions for your user test:

This step (Step 3) gives you the ability to ask the users specific or not questions about anything you want (e.g. a specific question about a design element, let’s say a button). The questionnaire is optional, meaning that you do not have to create a questionnaire for every user test you want to run.

If you want to add a questionnaire, select “Create a Questionnaire”, fill your question, the multiple answers and click on “ADD NEW QUESTION” button:

E. The next step (Step 4) is where you can select the audience that your user test will be served.

  1. Useberry User Pool. You can send your user test to Useberry’s pool of testers by selecting your desired criteria 
  2. Group of friends. You can send your user test to your group of users by providing them the generated url of the test.
  3. My App Users. You can send the user test to your own app users. In the “Choose Your Apps” list will appear all the apps you have added while Registering your app. Select your desired app to serve the app users your user test.

F. The last step you have to complete is to choose the number of testers that will participate on your user test:

G. When you complete the step 5 and click “SAVE CHANGES” the following will appear on the top the screen. To make the user test available click on the “CHANGE STATUS” button:



H. Make available the user test to your desired audience by just clicking the “MAKE TEST LIVE” button:


NoteAfter completing every step, you have to save it by clicking on “SAVE CHANGES” button.