Useberry Media Kit

We’re excited to share our brand guidelines with you, designed to help you
understand and utilize our brand to its fullest potential.

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Full Color Logo & Logomark

Use the full color logo or logomark on a white or light background

White Logo & Logomark

Use the white logo or logomark on a dark or bright background

Black Logo & Logomark

Use the black logo or logomark on a light or bright background

How to write Useberry

  • Always capitalize the letter “U” in Useberry
  • Some examples of incorrect ways to spell Useberry: userberry, user berry, UseBerry, use berry, usebarry, usaberry

Brand Colors & Palette

Our primary palette uses bright colors to highlight our brand and guide attention to important features in marketing communications. Our four primary colors should be the foundation of any branded design and secondary colors are best to give additional depth.

Purple #5854FF

Red #FF3666

Orange #FFC329

Gunmetal #4A4A59

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