Click Tracking

Discover how your users interact with your digital products, optimize their experience, and drive exceptional results.

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Optimal performance

Key benefits

Improve usability

Seamlessly identify areas for improvement for your site or app and deliver a frictionless experience that keeps users coming back for more.

Increase engagement

Gain valuable insights into user engagement patterns. Keep users engaged, motivated, and invested in your brand.

Boost conversion rates

Devices, Gambling, Computer, Internet, Social media

Deep insights

Customize your analysis with segments and filters

Focus on what matters most. Segment and filter your user data to uncover unique insights and create personalized experiences that resonate with different user groups.

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Powerful data

Access in-depth screen statistics

Get key metrics such as the number of users, average time spent on each screen, and total clicks. Uncover patterns and trends to make informed decisions that optimize your user interface and drive meaningful results.

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Enhanced information

Track clicks in multiple screen areas

Define the areas of interest that you want to closely monitor and understand. Get detailed metrics on clicks made within each selected region.

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Powerful Click Tracking view maps

Each view provides unique insights that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, allowing you to optimize your digital experience with precision.


Interactive Clicks

Track user interactions with precision on sliders, carousels, hover effects, and more, understanding click locations and navigation within interactive components.



Get a granular breakdown of user interactions on a per-element basis. Analyze individual clicks and interactions across your screens to understand user preferences and behaviors.



Gain a visual representation of where users are clicking and how frequently they interact with different areas of your screens.

Create better experiences for your products and services

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