User Flows

Discover the path to optimal user experiences, boost efficiency, and captivate your audience for product success.

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Powerful insights

Key benefits

Elevate user satisfaction

Unlock intuitive interactions and eradicate pain points.

Fuel design efficiency

Streamline your workflow with targeted improvements.

Boost conversion rates

Convert more leads with data-driven user flows.

Targeted insights

Filters & segments

Analyze user flows effortlessly with customizable filters and segments, gaining deeper insights into user behavior and preferences.

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Seamless workflow

Adaptable flow control

Customize user flows with ease. Exclude specific items, define clear steps, and organize content within a single, cohesive section for a streamlined and focused view.

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Actionable data

Highlighted areas

Draw attention to crucial interactions and steps within the user flow using a visually striking highlighted area, ensuring a clear understanding of key actions.

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Visual mapping

Screen views

Simplify understanding with screen images integrated into flow steps. Associate actions with their corresponding screens for effortless comprehension of the user journey.

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Create better experiences for your products and services

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