Useberry Legal

The information provided here is for Useberry customers and users who have questions about our terms and policies.


Useberry’s architecture is designed to be secure and reliable. We constantly monitor and immediately notify the relevant team members of possible incidents so they can react appropriately.

Data Centers
Our platform infrastructure is hosted and managed within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) secure data centers. We extensively use the capabilities and services GCP provides to increase privacy and control network access throughout our system. GCP continuously expands its Compliance programs and for more details please visit

We are dedicated to ensuring all personal data are treated under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Payments & Credit Cards
Useberry does not store any credit card or payment information. All credit card payments go through our payment processing partner, Stripe. Details about their security posture and PCI compliance can be found at

Encryption & Transmission
All Useberry web traffic is served over HTTPS. We force HTTPS for all web resources, including our REST API, web app, and public website.
Our primary databases, including backups, are fully encrypted at rest. We use industry-standard encryption algorithms.

Useberry performs background checks on all new employees in accordance with local laws. All employees have signed a confidentiality agreement with Useberry.