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List of Subprocessors

As part of the delivery of services to our customers, Useberry uses data processors (subprocessors) that have access to certain customer data or personal information. This page provides information about each of these subprocessors.

List of subprocessors

Name of
Subject matter and purpose of processing Location
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Provision of cloud services. We use it to store data you generate by using the service securely in the cloud. US (data stored in the UK)
Google Analytics Google Analytics is a web analytics service we use it to track your use of the service and prepare reports on user activity. US
MongoDB MongoDB is a general-purpose, document-based, distributed database platform we use for storing, retrieving, and managing various types of data. US (data stored in France)
Mailchimp/Mandrill We use this service for sending, storing, and tracking emails. US
Zendesk We use this service for customer support communications customer communications (email, chat). US
Intercom We use this service for customer communications, user interaction, and helpdesk assistance. US
Stripe This service processes the payments for us. US
ChartMogul ChartMogul is a subscription analytics platform we use for tracking and analyzing subscriptions and helps us understand subscription trends, analyze customer behavior, and optimize subscription-based business models. Germany
Amplitude Amplitude is a product analytics platform that helps us understand user interactions, analyze trends, and optimize the Useberry platform. US
Calendly Calendly is an online scheduling platform that helps us create scheduling links that users can use to book time slots based on their availability for demo, sales, and support purposes. US
Figma Useberry integrates with Figma’s Embed Kit and REST API to track user interactions and import content seamlessly. This integration collects data (no personal data & only when a study is being performed) like clicks and transitions to enhance Useberry’s analytics. All data collected through the Figma integration is handled securely in accordance with our privacy policy. For Figma’s data handling practices, refer to their privacy policy. US


Last updated on June 10, 2024.