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Import Sketch prototypes

Enter your Sketch URL to import it at your Useberry dashboard. Fixed elements for your prototypes fully supported!

Create missions

Create missions and get users to complete them. Find out how real people react to your design and what will work well for them.

Choose your audience

Select your testing participants from your audience or our pool of testers matching your selected criteria.

Collect actionable data

Observe where users struggle with the design. Bounce rates, user-flows and heatmaps to help you identify UX issues and make the required changes.

Multiple ideas
Test your design ideas to
validate your decisions.
Fixed elements
Fully support fixed elements for
Sketch prototypes.
No code
Optimize your choices without
writing any single line of code.
Update your changes from
Sketch at any time.

How Useberry works

Create prototypes
Create or import already made prototypes.
Set your missions to test all the functions you want.
Choose audience
Find your user personas.
Your own users or target audience through Useberry pool of testers.
Get results
Get results within minutes.
Instant task driven statistics, analytics, heatmaps, conversion funnels and user flows.

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